In order to get LPM to work properly, we need to put the no_reserve attribute to all disks (here we have the hitachi disk example) :

 /usr/DynamicLinkManager/bin/dlmchpdattr -a reserve_policy=no_reserve -s

We can check the new default parameter :

 /usr/DynamicLinkManager/bin/dlmchpdattr -o
uniquetype = disk/fcp/Hitachi
reserve_policy     : no_reserve
max_transfer       : 0x40000
queue_depth        : 8
rw_timeout         : 60

Display the reserve on all hdisks :

 dlmpr -k

Suppress the reserve on all hdisks except the rootvg disk :

 dlmpr -c

Suppress the reserve on the rootvg disk (I’m actually not so sure about this one, given the fact that I had some problems during the boot of some lpars –> boot error code 555, so please be very cautious !) :

 dlmpr -c hdisk0

Extra command (free of charge) : Changing the queue_depth parameter on all disks managed by HDLM

 /usr/DynamicLinkManager/bin/dlmchpdattr -a queue_depth=8 -s

Do not forget to perform a reboot after that !

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HDLM : change the default reserve policy on all disks
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