UPDATE : it seems that it is quite simplier with the following option :

#oslevel -rl [your expected oslevel] 


Sometimes after a system update (say a technology level upgrade), you don’t get the right TL version with oslevel. For example I tried to update my AIX 6.1 TL5 to TL6, but here it is¬†:

 #> oslevel -s 6100-05-02-1034

So let’s check what is missing¬†:

 #> instfix -i |grep ML
All filesets for 6100-00_AIX_ML were found.
All filesets for were found.
All filesets for 6100-01_AIX_ML were found.
All filesets for 6100-02_AIX_ML were found.
All filesets for 6100-03_AIX_ML were found.
All filesets for 6100-04_AIX_ML were found.
All filesets for 6100-05_AIX_ML were found.
Not all filesets for 6100-06_AIX_ML were found.

¬ę¬†Not all filesets were found¬†¬Ľ . Ok, but which ones¬†?

root@lpar /root#> instfix -cik 6100-06_AIX_ML | grep -v -e ":=:" -e ":+:"


6100-06_AIX_ML:Java6.sdk: 6100-06 Update

We’ve got our answer¬†! We need to update the Java SDK in order to have the right oslevel output.

First, I need to know which sdk I need, 32 or 64 bits ?

root@lpar /mnt/AIX610/ExpansionPack/installp/ppc#> lslpp -l Java6.sdk

Fileset                      Level  State      Description


Path: /usr/lib/objrepos

Java6.sdk        COMMITTED  Java SDK 32-bit

Path: /etc/objrepos

Java6.sdk        COMMITTED  Java SDK 32-bit

Let’s update it !
smitty install_latest (yeah I know, smit…)

root@lpar /mnt/AIX610/ExpansionPack/installp/ppc#> instfix -cik 6100-06_AIX_ML | grep -v -e ":=:" -e ":+:"
root@lpar /mnt/AIX610/ExpansionPack/installp/ppc#> oslevel -s

And voila ! We are now at the right level.


PS : if your NIM master is nicely configured, you can even try to update with nim command on your client :

root@LPAR # nimclient -o cust -a lpp_source=6100-06-01-1043-lpp_source -a installp_flags=agXYv -a filesets="Java6.sdk"
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How to check missing filesets after a technology level update
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