Unique generated WWNs  ?

With the HMC gui, it seems that the WWNs created with a virtual FC adapter cannot be changed, unless you delete the virtual FC adapter and recreate it, but you will have a tiny problem : the WWNs will change. Hence, if you do this, the zoning/masking of your LUNs will be lost, and you will have to call your fellow friends from the SAN team (they love to allocate/deallocate WWNs, just for fun, it will only cost you a few cups of coffee)

On a virtual client, this command changes the profile , by adding to it an adapter with the WWN1 (NPIV) and the WWN2 (used for LPM).

Get started with the profile

Be careful, when you want to include these commands in a shell script, be sure to double check your double/triple quotes around the WWNs, it is a real pain in the ass when you write the command through ssh… For some unknown reason, IBM decided to put the same field separator (the comma) for the specifications of WWNs  AND every attribute you can set within the same command…including the attribute setting the WWNs … Weird.

Anyway, here is the command:

 chsyscfg -m [managed system]  -r prof -i 'name=[profile_name],lpar_id=[id],"virtual_fc_adapters+=""14/Client/13/[VIOServer lparname/[Server VFC id] /WWN1,WWN2/0"""'

Be VERY careful when doing this 🙂

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VIO : Forcing WWN on a virtual fc adapter
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