• IBM(R) PowerVM(R) V2.2.6
• IBM PowerVM NovaLink V1.0.0.8
• IBM PowerVC V1.4.0

Announcing PowerVC 1.4.0

Announcing PowerVC 1.4.0

interesting features:

PowerVM V2.2.6

• Live Partition Mobility (LPM) enhancements (PowerVM Enterprise only)
• Software-defined storage
– PowerVM now supports software-defined storage when paired with PowerVC
and IBM Spectrum ScaleTM through PowerVM Open I/O.
– Enables users to build a SAN-less PowerVM cloud.

IBM PowerVM NovaLink V1.0.0.8

• Support for automated installation of RHEL by using a configured kickstart file.
Users can automate NovaLink installations in the RHEL environment by using a
configured kickstart file.
• Support for enhanced failure data collection for Live Partition Mobility operations.
Automatically collect all available logs across different components when there is
a Live Partition Mobility failure.

PowerVC V1.4.0
• Image import and export
– Seamlessly move workload images between different storage arrays or even
across data centers with one-click image import/export.
– Enables hybrid cloud environments; easily share images between data centers.

• VM live capture
– Save time and without disruption capture workloads while they are running.
• PowerVC UI update
– New look and feel for the PowerVC GUI.
– Optimize key user interactions based on PowerVC user feedback.
• Flexible SAN zone names
– Promotes flexibility by allowing custom naming patterns for the SAN zone names created by PowerVC
• Software-defined storage
– Enables a flexible storage backend built on top of IBM Spectrum Scale.
– PowerVC automates and optimizes the Spectrum Scale cluster creation.
– Empowers users to abstract their backing storage devices behind Spectrum

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