Let’s check our adapter’s actual firmware

 lsmcode -rcd ent0

woops, we are like 2 years late ! we can check that on IBM’s fix central, we need to download the latest version.

This will commit all uncommitted updates to the Virtual I/O Server.

 updateios -commit

updateios will apply any fix present in the directory specified, where we put the previously downloaded fixes:

 updateios -dev /home/padmin/ -accept -install 

Let’s go root!


Now we need to unconfigure any logical devices attached to the physical adapter that we want to update:

 ifconfig en6 down detach # on detache l'interface ip
 rmdev -l ent6 ent6 Defined # on passe en defined l'interface de type VLAN (car on est en mode trunk)
 rmdev -l ent5 ent5 Defined #on passe en defined le SEA
 rmdev -l ent4 ent4 Defined # on passe en defined l'interface etherchannel (mode 802.3ad)

Now that the physical adapter is « freed », we can update its microcode.

 diag -d ent0 -T download

 ent0 10 Gb Ethernet-SR PCI Express Dual Port Adapter (771000801410b003)
 Microcode has been successfully updated to level 010522
 on the following resources:
 fcs2 fcs3 ent0 ent1
 Please run diagnostics on the listed resources to
 ensure that the adapter is functioning properly.
 Use Enter to continue.
 F3=Cancel F10=Exit Enter

We need to reboot now !

 #shutdown -Fr
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Update Microcode on FCoE fibre adapter on a VI/O Server
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