Here is a very thorough article on the ghostdev attribute, which I wasn’t aware of until now !

Replicated rootvg, ghostdev and NPIV (from Chris Gibson)

Since one or more of the physical devices will change when booting from an NPIV replicated rootvg, it is recommend to set the ghostdev attribute.

The ghostdev attribute will trigger when it detects the AIX image is booting from either a different partition or server.

Ghostdev attribute should not trigger during LPM operations (Live Partition Mobility). Once triggered, ghostdev will clear the customized ODM database.

This will cause detected devices to be discovered as new devices (with default settings), and avoid the issue with missing/stale device entries in ODM.

Since ghostdev does clear the entire customized ODM database, this will require you import your data (non-rootvg) volume groups again, and perform any (device) attribute customization.

To set ghostdev, run « chdev -l sys0 -a ghostdev=1« .

Ghostdev must be set before the rootvg is replicated.

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Replicated rootvg, ghostdev and NPIV (from Chris Gibson)
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