I want to update my client to the latest AIX 7.1 service pack (service pack 5 for AIX 7.1) and I wanna get rid of the old « exportfs – mount – smit update_all – umount  » sequence, and use the NIM server for what is has been created for : Network Installation !

Let’s check the oslevel on my lpar :

 # oslevel -s

I’m two service packs late, the latest one is SP5 .

Checking the status of the nim client

First check your nim services and configure them if necessary (like nimsh):

 # nimclient -l master
master machines master

If the previous doesn’t return anything, then you might need to reconfigure your nim services (enabling nimsh should do the trick) :

 # smit nim_config_services

You can double check by viewing the /etc/niminfo file on the client:

 # cat /etc/niminfo
#------------------ Network Install Manager ---------------
# warning - this file contains NIM configuration information
# and should only be updated by NIM
export NIM_NAME=client_lpar_name
export NIM_HOSTNAME=client_lpar_name.ibm.com
export NIM_CONFIGURATION=standalone
export NIM_MASTER_HOSTNAME=my_nim_master
export NIM_MASTER_PORT=1058
export NIM_SHELL="nimsh"
export NIM_MASTERID=00F688F99C99
export NIM_CUSTOM="/../SPOT/usr/lpp/bos.sysmgt/nim/methods/c_script -a location=my_nim_master:/export/nim/scripts/client_lpar_name.script"
export NIM_BOS_IMAGE=/SPOT/usr/sys/inst.images/bos
export NIM_BOS_FORMAT=rte
export NIM_HOSTS=""
export NIM_MOUNTS=" nim_master:/export/um_lpp_source/7100.01.05.1228:/SPOT/usr/sys/inst.images:dir "
export ROUTES=" default:0: "

Then, with the following command you can try the connection to the NIM server (whilst verifying if  the lpp_source you’re looking for is available) :

 # nimclient -l -t lpp_source
6100-07-05-1228_lppsrc                     resources       lpp_source
7100-01-05-1228_lppsrc                     resources       lpp_source
7100-00-02-1041_lppsrc                     resources       lpp_source

As we can see, my update is already available as a NIM resource (lpp_source type)

Get the service pack from ISD or Fix Central and create a NIM resource from it

If not, you have to download it from Fix Central, or in my case, I just told my Systems Director’s update manager to download it, and push it to my NIM server :

Rq: if you wann know how to set up your ISD to get updates from fix central, I strongly recommend you to read this article from chmod666.org !

Once downloaded as a directory named « U853092 », you need to create the lpp_source NIM resource in order to use it for this update’s next step :

 # nim -o define -t lpp_source -a source=/export/um_lpp_source/U853092-a server=master -a location=/export/um_lpp_source/7100-01-05-1228 7100-01-05-1228_lppsrc
Preparing to copy install images (this will take several minutes)...

Starting the update

On the client, you can launch the nimclient command with the update_all method (you can also update a single package by specifying « fixes=yourpackage » instead of « fixes=update_all ») :

 # nimclient -o cust -a lpp_source=7100-01-05-1228_lppsrc -a installp_flags=agXYv -a fixes=update_all
BEGIN:Fri Jun 15 14:23:42 2012:061514234212
Command line is:
/usr/sbin/installp -u -e /var/adm/ras/nim.installp -b -f \
 Pre-deinstall Verification...
 Problems described in this section are not likely to be the source of any
 immediate or serious failures, but further actions may be necessary or
Not Installed
 No software could be found on the system that could be deinstalled for the
 following requests:</pre>


 * * * A T T E N T I O N * * *
 System boot image has been updated. You should reboot the
 system as soon as possible to properly integrate the changes
 and to avoid disruption of current functionality.
installp: bosboot process completed.
Installation Summary

[blah blah blah , success]

Let’s check it :

 #  oslevel -s

And you’re done ! No need to umount the exported FS containing the lpp_source, nimclient does it for you.

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