Configure NTP on AIX

check if the ntp server is available

# ntpdate -d [IP_NTP_SERVER]

Modify the /etc/ntp.conf (comment out the broadcastclient and add the NTP server(s) ip(s)

driftfile /etc/ntp.drift
tracefile /etc/ntp.trace
server [IP_NTP_SERVER1]
server [IP_NTP_SERVER2]

start xntpd and add its entry  to the rc.tcpip at once with chrctcp command :

chrctcp -S -a xntpd

verify  :

lssrc -ls xntpd

Link about the chrctcp command :

Configure NTP on a VIO Server

As padmin :

# vi /home/padmin/config/ntp.conf
server [IP_NTP_SERVER1]
server [IP_NTP_SERVER2]
driftfile /home/padmin/config/ntp.drift
tracefile /home/padmin/config/ntp.trace
logfile /home/padmin/config/ntp.log

# startnetsvc xntpd

# cat config/ntp.log

4 Apr 18:21:17 xntpd[4653276]: synchronized to [IP_NTP_SERVER1], stratum=2
4 Apr 18:21:22 xntpd[4653276]: time reset (step) 5.247770 s
4 Apr 18:21:22 xntpd[4653276]: synchronisation lost
4 Apr 18:25:39 xntpd[4653276]: synchronized to [IP_NTP_SERVER2], stratum=2

Configure NTP on a HMC

Check NTP service configuration

This should return « enable » with some NTP servers’ ip address. You can also grep some info in the

/var/log/ntp logfile.

 #  lshmc -r -Fxntp,xntpserver


# grep -i sync /var/log/ntp |tail -2
 4 Apr 15:47:20 ntpd[7024]: synchronized to, stratum 2
 4 Apr 15:47:20 ntpd[7024]: kernel time sync status change 2001

Configure NTP service and add NTP server to the HMC

 # chhmc -c xntp -s add -a [your_NTP_server]

Activate NTP service

# chhmc -c xntp -s enable 


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Configuring NTP
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